• 20 Common mistakes in English ( Part 2)

    8th Oct 2019 by

    This is the second part of the 20 common errors in English. Any of you , who didn’t read the part 1 ( click here). So Lets’ begin. 11. Inappropriate pronoun shifts ; – the writers or students always create these confusion in their writing by shifting the third pronoun ( he, she, they, it)… Read more

  • 5 Things to know about Sweden if you’re planning to study here.

    3rd Oct 2019 by

    Sweden is astonishingly a very beautiful country. Providentially, I got the chance to do my ‘Master in Business Administration’ in Sweden in 2018. Throughout my study, I had an inexplicable experience, apart from immaculate environment and undamaged roads,  its beautiful greenery maintenance, and life-style are mind blowing. Sweden sets an example for every country of… Read more

  • 20 common errors in English, everyone does obliviously( part 1)

    1st Oct 2019 by

    Becoming eloquent in English is ravishing. But our poor ‘grammar’ can thwart us far away from this dream. The same ‘grammar’ which we never warily scrutinize in our school time except for the basic tense terms (past, present, and future) and the ‘comma’ that only used when you notice a ‘pause’ in the sentence, what… Read more

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