5 ways to save yourself from a bad relationship.

When you search on Google about “Bad relationships”. You’re surely going to find numerous articles, magazines, novels even blogs, written on this subject. Thanks to social networks and smartphones, which made these authors quite notorious among their audiences.

Despite all, the depression ratio among people, suffering from bad relationships is still rapidly growing upwards. 43% of women are reported as being the victim of domestic violence in the U.S. only and you can imagine the ratio in other Asian countries. The 43% teen in school or colleges suffered from violence and abusive dating behaviors included physically, sexually, verbally and mentally. You will be startled to know that according to WHO, more than 8 million people commit suicide annually. Mostly from suffering in amorphous relationships in their lives. Amorphous, is because a bad relationship is not only an abusive or violent relationship. It could be deception, crossing privacy, possessiveness, being manipulative, sexually assault or insecurities and higher temper. The relationship exist with these signs are able enough to put you in remorse.

  Now the question applies, why people go through or suffer in bad relationships? Why they realize so late, in spite of knowing it very well that this relationship is killing them, they still continue to stay with the same person for 2-3 years or maybe more. I have seen many couples taking divorce after 10-12 years of marriage, some celebrities stated of being in an abusive relationship for more than 5 years. People who say it’s easy to leave and move on, hah!!..well it’s really not that easy. And how can I say that because I myself been through an abusive relationship. So let’s conquer these 5 reasons, which personally believed are the main reasons to make people coerced to live in bad relationships below;-

  1. Teenage mistake;- More than 43% of women from 16 to 24 have reported being the victim of abusive relationships, had with their boyfriends. The experiences good or bad come from the choices of relationships we made in our teenage reflect on our future relationship choices as well. Relationship choices I meant by; the type of person you choose or attracted to.  For instance; your first relationship was with a high temper and possessive guy. You could have stopped there but you waited to turn it into an abusive relationship. There is a 75% chance that you will again fall for the same type of guy and go through with the same pain. There is nothing wrong with you but the choices of men you make are wrong. So basically, get careful with the people you choose around. Don’t just jump on any conclusion, be more diligence.

2.Trusting too much;- Trusting on others is a good thing but trusting too much on everyone so quickly is not at all a good habit. And you know that too. The survey shows that 61% of men and women lie on their first date. People who trust quickly tend to end up suffering in bad relationships. It is better to always have some doubts about his real character, at least at the initial stage of the relationship. As they say “precautions are better than cure”. Keep patience and take time to analyze, inquest and explore more about his true identity.

Crying woman with menacing man

3.Ignoring common behavior;- You love your partner very much, and he loves you too. But don’t be too blind in love that you start ignoring their common behavior changes. Such as; he/she never keeps their promises, lies a lot, swears a lot, doesn’t respect your parents, high temper. These habits are easily discernible, if you find any of them, save yourself before it’s too late. 

4.Loneliness;-  According to Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), in U.S, 4 out of 10 people show the serious signs of loneliness. People who suffer from the loneliness and depression, are become the easiest victim of abuse or sexual assault from their partners.  Mainly because, they desperately hoping to find the love and support from others but the truth is, no one can help you until you don’t help yourself. I used to read a lot of books and later i made this my passion. You can do the same, try to find your own passion and dedicate yourself to it.

5.Low self-esteem;– Bad relationships not only damage you from outside, but it also destroys your self-esteem thoroughly. if you have low self-esteem issues because of getting lack of affection, not getting enough attention, feeling less attractive to your partner, being cheated or ignored in the relationship. You need to understand that what human gets easily, never appreciate that until they lost it. Make sure, you make them realize that. Your self-esteem is more essential and worthy than being with that kind of person.

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Author: BlackLocust


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