5 Things to know about Sweden if you’re planning to study here.

Sweden is astonishingly a very beautiful country. Providentially, I got the chance to do my ‘Master in Business Administration’ in Sweden in 2018. Throughout my study, I had an inexplicable experience, apart from immaculate environment and undamaged roads,  its beautiful greenery maintenance, and life-style are mind blowing. Sweden sets an example for every country of ‘how to restore the plants and live with them’. Sweden’s greenery surroundings magnify everyone. Everything was there so vivid. accept the weather, in winter it is hydrous, extremely cold and everywhere you only see ‘snow’ for 5-6 months, oh my God!.

But it doesn’t mean that everything is so persuasive in Sweden. Here are the 5 main facts which you should consider, if you planning to study in Sweden.

Universities:- Sweden’s 13 Universities have taken their places in ARWU World Ranking . In which;

  • Kerolinska Institution #rank 38.
  • Uppsala University #rank 62.
  • Stockhom and Lund universities on #rank 78 and 101

And other Universities you can find on the given link above. I lived in Upssala city and the University of Uppsala is very huge, you can only speculate. Search their sites on google for more information about; its faculties, scholarships and admission deadlines.

A piece of good advice, don’t underestimate, Sweden’s study system in their Universities. The lectures are very strict and tough. You have to do many assignments, presentations as an individual and in the group and many exams to be passed. These are mandatory and try to avoid plagiarism, as you can be blacklisted).

Expenses:– Sweden is a very expensive country. It undertakes 32% of taxes, which means living costs, food costs, and even travel costs are very high. The living expenditures are more expensive than German and Paris. The students’ apartments cost 4200 SEK to 3200 SEK per month, it could be more in the upcoming years. But you can try for sharing an apartment if it’s authorized. The food expenses are also very high. Sometimes even the regular bread becomes difficult to buy but you have to adjust to that. Same with travelling cost, but gladly, you will get some tricks to skip that trouble from old international students.

Medical cost;– The medical treatment is not all free in Sweden. Now there are a few things you need to understand. Sweden provides an exceptional ID ( Swedish: personnummer), but you are only eligible to apply if you have more than 1 year of study visa or any other resident permit. This ID works as your real and only ID in Sweden. Even if you only have a one-year visa, you can still apply for a Coordination number (temporary personnummer) that will make you eligible, to open the bank account and get a part-time job. But if you need medical treatment without the Personal number ID than the medical charges would be extremely high. To escape that make sure you have the insurance, then you can directly contact your University and ask for the assistants. It will still cost but very less compared to the Hospit

Language barrier and jobs:-   Surprisingly, in Sweden everybody speaks in English very well. You certainly not going to have any problem with that. But on the opposite, when you look for jobs, it seems like everyone wants only a Swedish linguist. Fortunately, cities like Uppsala, you can find many nations, “A nation is a restaurant plus bar plus club and plus occasional events booking the hall for some category people”, These Nations invite all international students for work. They may pay less but you get free food and can support your expenses.  Nations in Uppsala city, where i used to work; V dala nation, Upland nation, and Norrlands nation. You can contact these nations on their facebook page. Documents you need to apply job is; your personal number, visa and bank details. 

Don’t forget the ‘Tax consumption’, as Sweden is very severe for that. There is no tax deduction up to 19000 SEK per year but if you earn more than you have to pay the tax.

Visa or Resident permit procedure:- The embassy rules are very simple in Sweden unless you make them complicated by yourself.  These are;

If you’ve successfully completed your study, got good grades. You can apply for 6 months further stay in Sweden to find the job appropriate to your skills and study. You can go to Sweden Embassy. Within six months, if you could find the job than you can get work permit visa.

But some students, what they do, complete only half-semester and try to gain 30 credits so that the half-semester time they can use to search for a job. But Sweden’s embassy is very strict, they skeptical on the excuses you give on “why you took the gap of half-semester”? And they can reject your extension request.

I hope these information will make you life less difficult in Sweden . It’s always better to have explore about the country, where you are planning to study or visit.

You are most welcome to ask any question.

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Thanks a lot!!..

Author: BlackLocust


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